Sunday, January 27, 2013

Can you translate to identify the family?

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Is this the same family?

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Erdevik Wedding

The reverse of this photo was translated by Languages Unlimited, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

They said it was hard to translate because the writing was old county style, using old fashioned words to explain the relationship between the people in the picture.  There was no break in the writing, and it was hard to conclude when one sentence ends and the next begins.  The traslastion was to the best of their knowledge:

For the long and great memory from our home (house), the wedding of my son Steva (Steve) Korac Milenko married in the church of Erdevik per our custom daughter-in-law is from Belgrade this young man is Pokonic Pera the nephew of the parents of the bride and son of Vase Korac and the best man Milos Jovanovic he is residing in Zemun but he has 3 sons students on the university and he had no expenses.

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Nada L. Milutinovic

These photos were sent to my grandmother about 1954.  I don't know if Nada was related by birth to my grandfather or if it was by marriage.

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