Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tournament of Roses 1939 or 1940

If the photos below were taken during the Tournament of Roses, it seems most likely that the year was either 1939 or 1940.

This assumes that the gowns worn in the Tournament of Roses Queen and her Court portraits are the same gowns worn in the parade. AND that the photo below, Queens, is indeed the Queen and her Court. Long sleeved gowns were only worn in 1939 and 1940. In addition, both earlier and later years Queens do not resemble those in the photograph.

[Click on the links below for photos from the Official Tournament of Roses website]

Photo Gallery

1939 Queen and her Court

1940 Queen and her Court

The photo of the blimp advertises the Broadways Clearance Sale starting on Tuesday, leads to the conclusion that Monday was either New Years Day and thus a Holiday. Or that New Year fell on a Saturday or Sunday, and the store was closed Monday to give the employees a Holiday. In 1939, New Year's Day fell on a Sunday and in 1940 it was on Monday.

In 1938 the New Year began on Saturday. It is unlikely that a Department store was open on Sunday, but I would like to confirm this. My research indicates that the "Blue Laws" that mandated Sunday-closings began to change during World War II when more women began working. However, 1938 is unlikely to be the right year based on other clues.

The best clue is the parade float featuring Pinocchio. Pinocchio was the second animated feature produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally released to theatres by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940.

The current hypothesis is that these photograph were taken at the 1940 Tournament of Roses.

And just who is that horse? Could it be the 1940 "Horse of the Year"?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is This Float the Queen and Her Court?

[click on the picture for a larger image]

Could this be the Rose Parade? It does look like the float is covered with flowers? If you can identify the parade, location or year, please comment below.


[click on picture for larger image ]

Football! But what game, who is playing? Where and when did this game take place? It may be a bowl game. The Blimp below advertises a January clearance sale. The photos of the Queen and the Parade may also offer clues.

If you can provide information that might lead to a date or location, please comment below.

Why Take a Picture of the Hills?

[click on picture for larger image]

Is this a picture of the hills, the parking lot, a plane (too modern for that) or...

Thoughts and impressions appreciated. Please comment below.

Parade - Los Angeles?

[Click on photo for a larger view]

The first float has a replica of Pinocchio sitting on it and "Los Angeles" appears on the side. Was this really in Los Angeles or was this a float they sent to another parade. Comments to help identify the time and place are appreciated.

Larger, individual images of the four photographs are below.

Pinocchio Float

[click on picture to enlarge]

Did this float appear before or after the February 7, 1939 release of the classic Disney movie?

Kane's Fine Shoes is visible across the street and it look like there is a furniture store next door.

Comments appreciated.

What is the theme of this float?

[click on picture to enlarge]

And who is riding on the float? Hints and clues appreciated. Please comment below.

Could This Be a Jockey, Horse and Owner?

[click on picture to enlarge]

Or is it just another horse in the parade? When enlarged you can see the photographer on the roof, taking a picture. Did the parade include individual horses? Or is this a special horse?

Does anyone recognize the Jockey's shirt?

Any insight would be appreciated. Please comment below.

Parade (J.J. Newberry Co. 5 - 10 - 25 Cent Store)

[click on picture to enlarge]

Please comment below if you can identify this location or year.


[Click on photo for larger view]

This photo was probably taken in California around the New Year. The question is which year and where? If you can help, please comment below.

The Halftime Show

[click on picture to enlarge]

Any idea where this photo was taken? If so, please comment below.

Can you identify this stadium?

[click on the photo for a larger view]

I think this is either Los Angeles or Pasedena somewhere between the late 1930's and the mid 1940's. If you can identify this stadium please comment below.

Page 4 - Football and Parade

[click on photo for larger image]

This is a picture of the entire fourth page in Grandma's Album. I think some of these photos may be easier to identify than others in the album. Close-ups of the individual pictures are above. The middle image of the parade has also been broken into four individual images. The red writing on the edge of each image above is simply to make it easier for you to find them in the posts.

Comments are welcome.